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Hello Newgrounds

2007-09-08 08:50:50 by Thamesis

Hey everybody,

This is our first news post since we uploaded Episode 1 yesterday.

It's been really great to hear so many positive responses. It puts a big smile on all our faces and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy future episodes.


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2007-09-09 11:17:24

Epic work, I can't wait to see the rest of the series.


2007-09-10 06:15:25

"we hope you enjoy future episodes."

oh we will. as long as you keep making them so intriguing.

lovely stuff.


2007-09-12 18:30:33

AWESoem series you´ve got!!!!

I wish you the best for the future episodes, XD!!!


2007-09-12 20:28:09

There are parts about the delivery of spoken words that bother me. Might consider revising it, slowing it down and finding a way to make it more known that there is talking going on. I hadn't noticed it at first. I can't take issue with anything else I've seen since everything feels like it's breaking new ground...


2007-09-14 07:54:35

SweeT! Love the website! Keep making more awesome flashes please!


2007-09-14 23:41:39

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