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2007-09-18 08:13:11 by Thamesis

For those of you interested in finding out more about life in the Dirty City, you can read The K.I.D's very own blog right here: TK blog


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2007-09-19 01:10:47

Sure i guess ill read it.


2007-10-04 15:44:38

Reading? I HATE reading... V_V'
I'll just stick to watching your AMAZING episodes!
Keep up the good work guys!
Im from North-West London in a place called Hendon... you might know...
East London, isnt that Eailing and Hackney ends, lol?


2007-10-06 13:58:47

you did every good on your short movies by capturing movment but not seeing but the flow gives it movment every good pls. make more like this


2007-11-01 20:19:51

lol, nice. He does seem like type who whould keep a live journal.

Nice work on the new episode by the way.