Update - 23rd Nov 2007

2007-11-23 05:09:31 by Thamesis

Hey everybody,

We just want to say thanks once again for watching our series and also sharing your opinions with us. The response has been truly unbelievable!

We set out to try something different in terms of how we told the story visually and it evolved out of a combination of experimentation in Flash and trying to make the most out of our artwork (big thanks to Kabe243 for your Flash skills!)

It's great that a lot of you enjoyed our style because it means you haven't been brainwashed by corporate 'media' just yet. You like something a little different and you like to be challenged and that makes us very happy because we feel the same way.

For those of you who asked, recording voiceover was just something we couldn't afford and in the end we quite liked the 'silent movie' effect. We know that sometimes the text runs by so fast, but as everyone's reading speed varies hugely, it proved really hard to judge. In the end we decided to keep the pace high so it felt more like watching a live-action show. But as for future developments...who knows what might happen?

We are currently writing out a whole new set of episodes which pick up right where episode 6 finished off (and I can tell you things start with a bang!). Hopefully we can get the time and money to start production on the next series sometime soon. Your support can only help to make this happen, so please keep posting those messages!

Thanks once again everybody at NG for watching (and to Tom for your support).

p.s for those of you who would like to watch the episodes with a control bar, why not visit our website City of Thamesis. You'll find everything you need there.

Wikipedia page

2007-10-12 07:03:23 by Thamesis

Someone has kindly started a wikipedia page for us, which is pretty awesome. If you have time check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thamesis

Thanks Dre :)

TK Blog

2007-09-18 08:13:11 by Thamesis

For those of you interested in finding out more about life in the Dirty City, you can read The K.I.D's very own blog right here: TK blog

Episode 3 onwards

2007-09-18 08:10:38 by Thamesis

Hey everybody,

Episode 3 is now out so that means we are exactly halfway through the series. All being well with our post-production schedule we hope to release the next 3 episodes over the next 6 weeks. There's some great stuff coming up so stay tuned.

Once again thanks for all the positive reviews so far. The feedback has been unbelievable and we hope you will enjoy the second half of the series even more!

Hello Newgrounds

2007-09-08 08:50:50 by Thamesis

Hey everybody,

This is our first news post since we uploaded Episode 1 yesterday.

It's been really great to hear so many positive responses. It puts a big smile on all our faces and makes all the hard work worthwhile. Thanks for your support and we hope you enjoy future episodes.